Abbys Best storable foods, dehydrated foods, dry goods, dry foods, canned foods, canned goods, military, emergency
Abbys Best storable foods, dehydrated foods, dry goods, dry foods, canned foods, canned goods, military, emergency

Why Dehydrated Storable Foods

Below are the main areas of concern for your family's survival and good health. Preparation is the key to how well any of us get through a difficult situation. Again, our goal is to help you think through some major areas of concern. You should take the time to plan out your individual family's needs, and prepare accordingly.


Having an alternative power supply is the key to your family's comfort and safety. Solar is a wonderful, clean source of additional power. Solar power can also be quite expensive to establish. A small generator is a good alternative power supply for necessary household items. Generators are generally small, mobile, and do not require excessive amounts of fuel to provide power for long periods of time if used sparingly.


Although not mandatory for survival, light is an important issue to your family's comfort and safety. An alternate light source, such as long term candles, lanterns, or flashlights is recommended. Be sure to have plenty of fuel or batteries available for your light source. An alternate power source, such as a generator, will also solve many of your family's lighting needs.


In colder areas of the country, lack of heat can be life-threatening. Remember, without electricity, even your gas furnace will not operate. An alternate heat source, such as a wood stove, fireplace, extra blankets, sleeping bags, or freestanding kerosene heater, can be a good source of heat to provide comfort and survival for your family. Again, you may want to rely on an alternate power source, such as a generator for electric heaters, if large amounts of wood or alternate fuel sources are not available.

First Aid

You should be prepared to handle any first aid or emergency medical events without the regular assistance of your local hospital. A comprehensive first aid kit is highly recommended. You can obtain a basic first aid kit manual from your local American Red Cross chapter. Also remember to keep in mind special medical needs such as prescriptions, or special long-term supplies for medical needs such as diabetes, asthma, etc.


Expect problems with solid waste removal (garbage pickup) and possible problems with wastewater removal. Bleach is a great disinfectant for toilet areas, and cooking and food preparation areas. A plan should be made for the removal of garbage, which can attract rodents and other animals. Human waste removal is also important for health reasons. It is important to have plenty of toilet paper, Towelettes (especially for small children, or babies), liquid soap (antibacterial soap that does not require water is available), Plastic garbage bags, porta-potties (portable toilets), disinfectant, feminine supplies, baby needs (diapers, ointments), contact lens solution, and other personal hygiene supplies.


Communication is very important, and you should be prepared to not have any functioning communication as we know it today (telephone, cell phones, television, etc.). During these types of emergencies radio would be the most likely source of information available. Make sure you have a portable radio, and plenty of batteries or an alternative energy source, such as a generator. The best option is to have a multipurpose radio that will run off of batteries, electricity, solar, or even manual hand generation.

Basic Supplies

Be sure to have the basics on hand. A non-electric can opener, mess kits, matches, basic sewing kit, plastic storage containers, alternate cooking source, a saw or axe, shutoff wrench for household gas appliances or water shutoff, pet supplies if applicable. You may also want to consider some entertainment items to pass the time in the case of lack of electricity, such as board games, playing cards, etc.


This list is intended to provide general information, and is distributed with the understanding that the author is not engaging in rendering legal, medical, or other professional services, and is not to be construed as legal, medical, or technical advice.

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